Chiana-Kapseln Soft gel capsules (4634026)
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Soft gel capsules, 48 Pieces


PZN: 4634026
Natural product Natural product
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- Complaints with stimulus bowel like stomachaches, feeling of repletion, blockade or diarrhoeia

Composition of Chiana-Kapseln

1 Stück / 1 Kaps. contains:    
Pfefferminzöl 182.0 mg
(H) Sorbitol 70 +  
(H) Gelatine +  
(H) Glycerol +  
(H) Hypromellose phthalat +  
(H) Dibutylphthalat +  
(H) Wasser, gereinigtes +  
(H): Auxiliary substance; (SE): corresponds

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