Coldastop Nasenöl Nose-oil (1920702)
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Coldastop Nasenöl1

Nose-oil, 20 ml, N2

Desitin Arzneimittel GmbH

PZN: 1920702
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- With nose mucosa injured chronically or urgently, for example, by excessive use of mucosa-going down drugs
- With dry noses mucosa inflammations with mucosa atrophy and/or crusts and crusts education at the nose entrance, in the inner surface of the wings of nose and in the upper pharynx space
- After nose operations, for example, as a nose-oil-mull tamponade after nasal septum operations

Composition of Coldastop Nasenöl

1 ml contains:    
Retinol palmitat 8.25 mg
(SE) Retinol 15000.0 I.E.
DL-α-Tocopherol acetat 20.0 mg
(SE) (R,R,R)-α-Tocopherol-Äquivalent 13.42 mg
(H) Zitronenöl +  
(H) Erdnussöl, raffiniert +  
(H) Isopropyl myristat +  
(H) Apfelsinenschalenöl +  
(H) Terpineol +  
(H) (RS)-2-Ethylhexansäurehexadecyl/octadecylester +  
(H) Butylhydroxyanisol +  
(H) Butylhydroxytoluol +  
(H): Auxiliary substance; (SE): corresponds

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