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MAGNESIUM DIASPORAL 300 Granulat Similiar picture
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- With magnesium deficiency (for example, by gestation, lactation, alcohol abuse)
- By disorders of the coronary vessels (Coronary heart desease, angina pectoris)
- For the prophylaxis of cardiac infarctions
- By cardiac rhytm disorders (for example, with raised heartbeat)
- With blood clots in the vessel system (thromboses and thrombophlebitises) after gestation and operation and for their prophylaxis
- For the improvement of the compatibility of drugs to the increase of the heart strength (digitalis)
- With attack-like shake (tetany)
- Inclination to cramps in the whole body area
- With night cramps in the calf
- With stomach bowel cramps
- With hyperexcitability
- With unsettled stomachaches with the child (belly-button colics)
- With circulatory disturbances
- With noise sensibility
- For the improvement of the compatibility of the pill (contraception)
- For the prophylaxis of calcium oxalate kidney stones
- With dizziness, nervousness, migraine

Composition of MAGNESIUM DIASPORAL 300 Granulat

5 g / 1 Bags contains:    
Trimagnesiumdicitrat 1830.0 mg
(SE) Magnesium-Ion 295.79 mg
(H) Saccharose 2.3 g
(H) Riboflavin +  
(H) Natriumhydrogencarbonat +  
(H) Citronensäure, wasserfreie +  
(H) Aromastoffe, natürlich, naturidentisch +  
(H) Apfelsinen-Aroma +  
(H): Auxiliary substance; (SE): corresponds

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