ORTHOMOL Femin Kapseln Capsule (3927298)
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ORTHOMOL Femin Kapseln

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Orthomol Femin is a dietetic food for special medical purposes (balanced diet) to the dietetic treatment of women with menopausal complaints.
With women with menopausal complaints the need is raised in micronutrients as a rule and cannot be covered by the normal nutrition permanently. By the specific additional intake of micronutrients how Orthomol Femin if the complaints can influence nutrition-physiologically favourably.

Composition of ORTHOMOL Femin Kapseln

1 Stück / 1 Kaps. contains:    
Ascorbinsäure 60.0 mg
Colecalciferol 7.5 μg
Cyanocobalamin 3.75 μg
Pyridoxin hydrochlorid +  
(SE) Pyridoxin 1.5 mg
D-Gluconsäure, Zinksalz (2:1)-x-Wasser +  
(SE) Zink-Ion 2.5 mg
Folsäure 0.15 mg
Biotin 0.075 mg
Natriumselenat +  
(SE) Selen(VI)-Ion 0.015 mg
Calcium pantothenat +  
(SE) Pantothensäure 3.0 mg
Soja-Extrakt +  
(SE) Isoflavone 25.0 mg
Leinsamen-Extrakt +  
(SE) Lignane 5.0 mg
DL-α-Tocopherol acetat +  
(SE) (R,R,R)-α-Tocopherol-Äquivalent 13.5 mg
Palmfrüchte-Extrakt +  
(SE) α-Carotin 0.35 mg
(SE) Betacaroten 0.5 mg
Tomaten-Extrakt +  
(SE) Lycopin 0.3 mg
Lutein 0.3 mg
Ubidecarenon 5.0 mg
Fischöl, Omega-3-Säuren-reiches +  
(SE) Omega-3-Fettsäuren 70.0 mg
(SE) Icosapent 10.0 mg
(SE) Doconexent 24.0 mg
Leinöl, nativ +  
(SE) α-Linolensäure 25.0 mg
Nachtkerzensamenöl +  
(SE) Omega-6-Fettsäuren 37.0 mg
(SE) Gamolensäure 3.4 mg
(H) Gelatine +  
(H) Glycerol +  
(H) Öle (pflanzlich) +  
(H) Maltodextrin +  
(H) Lecithin +  
(H) Glycerol(mono/di)speisefettsäureester +  
(H) Sorbitol +  
(H) Karmin +  
(H) Titandioxid +  
(H) Eisen(II,III)-oxide +  
(H) Tocopherolgemisch +  
(H): Auxiliary substance; (SE): corresponds

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