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- With pains by acute distractions, sprains or contusions in the area of the bones and arms as a result of dull damages, for example, sports damages
- With pains and rheumatic complaints of the soft parts close to joint (for example, mucus bag, sinews, cords and joint capsule) with diseases of the knee joint (gonarthrosis)

Composition of Traumon

1 ml contains:    
Etofenamat 100.0 mg
(H) Isopropanol +  
(H) Diisopropyladipat +  
(H) Propylenglycol +  
(H) α-[Hexadecyl,(Z)-octadec-9-en-1-yl]-ω-hydroxypoly(oxyethylen)-x +  
(H) Wasser, gereinigtes +  
(H) Macrogol 400 +  
(H): Auxiliary substance; (SE): corresponds

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