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To the extrinsic treatment of pains:
- With acute distractions, sprains or contusions in the area of the limbs as a result of dull damages, for example, sports damages
- Of the soft parts close to joint (for example, mucus bag, sinews, cords and joint capsule) with knee joint arthrosis

Composition of Traumon 10%

1 g contains:    
Etofenamat 100.0 mg
(H) Propylenglycol +  
(H) Isopropanol +  
(H) Carbomer 940 +  
(H) Natriumhydroxid +  
(H) α-[Hexadecyl,(Z)-octadec-9-en-1-yl]-ω-hydroxypoly(oxyethylen)-x +  
(H) Wasser, gereinigtes +  
(H) Macrogol 400 +  
(H): Auxiliary substance; (SE): corresponds

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