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Our history

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Pelikan pharmacy

  • We've been there for you for over 260 years
  • A family-owned company in the third generation

VersandApo.de is the international online shop of the Pelikan pharmacy in Frankenthal / Palatinate - a mail-order pharmacy admitted in Germany.
The Pelikan pharmacy has been there for already over 260 years and has been a family-owned business for over 3 generation.
By mailing drugs, we offer our customers a contemporary service extension of the traditional pharmacy.

Drug security is the most important factor

All orders are supervised and controlled by pharmacysts and pharmaceutical technicians.
Each order is controlled before delivery on durability of the goods and possible interactions between the drugs.
We only distribute drugs which have been legalized in Germany and whose authenticity is guaranteed.

Quality and service at a fair price

Pharmacysts and qualified co-workers are always at your disposal for free and will answer any questions regarding drugs - before and after your order.
Our professiolal logistics team guaratees a fast and reliable delivery.
Quality and service of our online pharmacy have been tested and rated positively more than once.
(please see: VersandApo.de rated with "GOOD")

Pelikan pharmacy - since 1751

Pelikan pharmacy - with a long tradition

Urkunde: Königliches Privileg der Pelikan-Apotheke

The Pelikan pharmacy already exists for 260 years and is since 1937 a family-owned company in the third generation.
While these days any pharmacyst is legally allowed to open a pharmacy, back in 1958 it took an official authorisation to run a pharmacy.
In order to open the first pharmacies in 1750, the highest governor had to approve with a special Privilege the opening.
During those days the Pelikan pharmacy was founded in 1751, as a still existing document of the "Pfaltz-Graff Karl Theodor" proofs.

Since 1937 the Pelikan pharmacy is owned by the family Kaul.
We proudly look back at a long traditon and take it as an encouragement to continue to offer our customers engagement and quality.

A family-owned company in the third generation

Hermann Kaul - owner from 1937 - 1956

Hermann Kaul - Inhaber von 1937 - 1956
My grandfather Herman Kaul recieved the official concession to open the Pelikan pharmacy.
After the pharmacy was destroyed during the Second World War, he rebuilt it completely. He was completely anxious to ensure that his customers were provided with drugs and good counselling even in hard times like the war.

Gerhard Kaul - owner from 1956 - 1997

Gerhard Kaul - Inhaber von 1956 - 1997
My father overtook the old-established Pelikan pharmacy in 1956.
Despite the growing competitors as a result of the freedom of establishment for pharmacies in 1958, he continued to lead the pharmacy successfully and future-oriented.
His particular attention was set on homeopathy, which should soon become a successful extension of the product range.
The enlargement and a complete remodelling of the pharmacy in the 70s lead to more success.

Dr. Achim Kaul - owner since 1997 - today

Dr. Achim Kaul - Inhaber seit 1997
After my studies I made some experience in the industrial sector and in public pharmacies and overtook in 1997 my father's Pelikan pharmacy. Quickly I realized how important the internet would be for the pharmacy.
Without having any special knowledge on this new media, on January 1, 2004 we started as one of the first pharmacies in Germany the adventure "versandApo" and for now over 10 years we are leading it very successfully.
The center of our work is still and always the pharmaceutical quality and the personal engagement for our customers.
We are strictly committed to you as customers day by day because of our long pharmacy tradition.