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As a mail order pharmacy of the first hour (since 2004) we can proudly look back at our success. These awards motivate us even more to offer you the best possible performance in quality and service.

The consumer safety group Stiftung Warentest rated "GOOD"

The consumer safety group Stiftung Warentest rated "GOOD" During the latest pharmacy checkup of the consumer group Stiftung Warentest from May 2014, was rated with the grade GOOD (2,5) and therefore ranks within the best-tested mail order pharmacies. The main focus of the test involved technical quality, service, the website as well as the terms of condition. 38 pharmacies were tested. 21 on the spot pharmacies and 17 online pharmacies. has therefore been tested several times since its foundation by Stiftung Warentest and rated "GOOD".

A summary of the test can be found here: Praxistipp Stiftung Warentest

During the latest mail order pharmacy checkup of the consumer group Stiftung Warentest from May 2017, is of the 18 tested pharmacies. It should be mentioned that the pharmacy ranks on the third place of the overall ranking and at the same time ranked first within the German pharmacies participating in the test.

You can view the current test here: Stiftung Warentest

The magazine "Bild" tests online pharmacies

Computer Bild Test Ausgabe 12/2008 In its edition 12/2008, the magazine COMPUTER BILD tests 8 mail order pharmacies. The focus of the test was on topics such as the product size, pricing, ease of use, service and data security. These tests involved some test purchases of over the counter drugs and prescription only drugs. The test results ranged for the 8 mail order pharmacies between the grades "GOOD" and "SATISFACTORY". We are obviously very pleased to be rated with the grade "GOOD".

The test appeared in the edition of COPUTER BILD of 12/2008

Trusted Shops:

Trusted Shops Siegel With the certificate received by Trusted Shops we offer our customers one more official trust and security feature. earns this quality label yearly by fulfilling over 100 quality criteria. Furthermore, the purchases of our customers can be insured up to 2.500 Euro against potential losses of their payments. Shopping without risks. Additionally we receive numerous positive ratings which provide us with the current rating with the grade "very good".

Best internet performance:

Deutsches Institut für Service-Qualität During a study in 2013 of the German Institute of service quality was rated with the highest result in the category "internet performance". held first place out of 21 tested mail order pharmacies. The online pharmacy could convince through security, personalized consulting and the short waiting times during email correspondence. The very clear comprehensive contents were also mentioned positively.

Deutschland Test - highest confidence:

In the edition 47/17 of the German weekly Journal Focus, DEUTSCHLAND TEST has examined and evaluated the topic customer confidence for the first time. could achieve very good 76 out of 100 possible Points in the category "Mail order pharmacies" and received therefore a prize.