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Check yourself if interactions occur when taking different medications at the same time.

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 Interaction: Mutual influence of two or several medications, as well as of medications with food, e.g. cheese, milk, alcohol. The effect can be reduced, strengthened or extended by interaction. If you are taking several medications, clarify possible interactions with your doctor or pharmacist.

Do not take many different medications at the same time as unexpected interactions can occur even with over the counter drugs within the different active agent.
Our interactioncheck helps you with your check and offers more security.

You can perform the check even directly from your shopping cart the items will be taken over automatically.

Service for regular customers: Registered customers have here the possibilities to perform the interaction check for medication which was ordered with us in the last 6 months. To the login >>

 Important advice

If a warning appears, ask your doctor or pharmacist or contact us.

Only medically relevant interactions will be shown.
If no indication of possible interactions is shown, this does not mean that there are no risks involved.

Do not interrupt the intake of the prescribed drugs arbitrary!

The given information do not replace a consulting with your doctor or pharmacist. The final estimation of interactions can be done by taking into account your personal situation.
For completeness and accuracy of the details no responsibility is taken.