Hepa-Gel 60000 I.E. Lichtenstein Gel (4345345)
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Hepa-Gel 60000 I.E. Lichtenstein1

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To the supporting treatment with:
- To acute swell states after dull damages as for example contusions, distractions, compressions, contusions, to hematomas.
- To superficial phlebitises, provided that these cannot be treated by pressure from Outside.

- With inflammatory tissue changes (for example, to insect bites).

Composition of Hepa-Gel 60000 I.E. Lichtenstein

1 g contains:    
Heparin natrium (Schwein) 600.0 I.E.
(H) Dinatrium edetat-2-Wasser +  
(H) Isopropanol +  
(H) Carbomer 980 +  
(H) Poly(oxyethylen)-7-glycerol(mono/di)alkanoat (C8-C10) +  
(H) Polysorbat 80 +  
(H) Glycerol 85% +  
(H) Natriumhydroxid +  
(H) Rosmarinöl +  
(H) Citronellöl +  
(H) Kiefernnadelöl +  
(H) Wasser, gereinigtes +  
(H): Auxiliary substance; (SE): corresponds

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